Nauru National Climate Change Policy

This important document provides an overarching framework that brings together existing policies to guide action on climate change mitigation, adaptation and advocacy in Nauru. Implementing this policy will require collaboration across government, State Owned Enterprises, non-government organisations, civil society organisations, faith based organisations, private sector organisations, and the people of Nauru, to address our climate vulnerabilities and increase our resilience to climate change.
We are already experiencing the effects of climate change and have integrated climate change considerations into our decision making through the Republic of Nauru’s Framework for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (RONAdapt) and the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS).
This new over-arching policy extends our climate change response across key sectors including Environment, Health, Infrastructure, Energy, Water, Education, Agriculture and Disaster Risk Management – which includes building resilience to climate change and disasters, which can be embedded in sustainable development.

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