Nauru Meteorological Service Country Report

The National Meteorology Service was established back in May 2015, under the Ministry of National Emergency Services (NES). Since the establishment we still have one substantive officer responsible for the NMHS. The one man officer is due to the fact that the NMHS centre is still not built. There is no sense to increase employment under NMHS at this time.
The Nauru NMHS have neither Legislation nor Act at this time. However, the NMHS was mentioned briefly under the NDRM Act 2016 as an established structure under the National Emergency Services. The main role of the NMHS is to be a fully fledge and dedicated NMHS that will provide weather forecasting for Nauru and equally important, the NMHS will also play a role as an Early Warning Centre, in regards to monitoring and observing Server and Cyclonic Weather, monitoring of Tsunami Warning Messages and many more that are required under NMHS.
The established officer has under gone some training with Nadi Meteorology Services. Under our capacity building program the department have added another officer within the NES department (position not established yet) to assist the substantive NMHS officer. The Added officer also has taken recent BIT-MT training with Nadi. The training was funded by JICA

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