National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Policy A

Freshwater is essential for life and for the social, cultural and economic well-being of all peoples. In Nauru, freshwater is a vital and scarce resource supporting the island’s communities and their economic growth. There are widespread community concerns about the availability and quality of freshwater, especially during Nauru’s frequent ENSO-related droughts and due to discharge from household sanitation systems to shallow groundwater. Predicted impacts of climate change add to these concerns. Because of these, the Nauru National Sustainable Development Strategy 2005-2025 identified the development of a national water resources policy as a priority goal.

  • “The purposes of this policy are to declare the Government’s commitment to provide reliable, safe, affordable, secure and sustainable water supply and to facilitate appropriate sanitation systems to meet health and socio-economic development needs of all Nauruans and to provide direction to Government Departments, agencies and corporations.”

This policy provides a framework for Government leadership and coordinated and integrated action in the supply of safe, adequate as well as technically and environmentally sustainable water services and the promotion of appropriate sanitation services and hygiene practices to the people of the Republic of Nauru. It also provides direction for the protection, conservation, sustainable use and efficient management of Nauru’s water resources. It is directed at improving the welfare, health and livelihood of Nauruans and is the vision of the Government of Nauru (GoN) for the water and sanitation sector

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