Australia's commitment to Climate Change Action in Nauru

Nauru is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. While the most visible climate hazard in the Pacific, tropical cyclones, rarely affects Nauru, the country is highly susceptible to a range of other climate change-related challenges, including: intensifying drought and heat waves; coastal erosion, ocean acidification; sea level rise; wind-driven waves and king tides.
Currently all Nauruans live on the coast very near current sea level. All of the country’s critical infrastructure is on the coast, including government buildings, police headquarters, the power station, water desalination plant, the hospital, and the airport, as well as schools and the majority of businesses. All key sectors are susceptible to climate change impacts.
The people of Nauru also have a high degree of resilience. They have built coping mechanisms and are starting to access sources of climate finance to support adaptation. However, climate change will erode community coping capacity, threaten growth and critical infrastructure, and undermine development gains.

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