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Thisstudy provided the repeatable analysis framework to estimate the coastal population by utilizing the best available global and national datasets in Pacific (poor data environment).

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Inform: Helping to strengthen governance and decision making by improving environmental data management and use across the Pacific region.

The Atlas is intended as an introduction to the many linkages between mining and the SDGs and complements other resources on the role of mining and the private sector in sustainable development.

The Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region (1986), along with its two additional Protocols, entered into force in 1990. The Convention is a comprehensive umbrella agreement for the protection, management and development of the marine and coastal environment of the South Pacific Region, and represents the legal framework of the Action Plan for managing the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific adopted in 1982 on behalf of the South Pacific Conference on Human Environment.

Link to the GEOSS Portal online map-based user interface.

The GOA-ON Data Explorer provides access and visualization to ocean acidification data and data synthesis products being collected around the world from a wide range of sources, including moorings, research cruises, and fixed time series stations. Layers contain contoured world-wide data; Platforms include icons for various observing assets, some of which display real-time data and many of which include links to data and metadata.

Direct link to the PacificMap tool on the Pacific Data Hub.

Link to the online map viewer of the UN Biodiversity Lab.

Marine Managed Areas - MPA Mapping
To maintain long-term ocean health, we need marine managed areas to ensure that special places and life forms are available for future generations. This interactive mapping application provides detailed information on over 7,000 managed saltwater and coastal areas worldwide.

Managed areas in the High Seas help maintain long-term ocean health by protecting important habitats and the marine organisms that depend on them. This interactive map provides detailed information on different types protected areas beyond national jurisdiction, including treaty areas, regulated management and protected areas, and unregulated areas in need of protection.

ProtectedSeas map gallery on ArcGIS Online.

Link to the Mapping Ocean Wealth Explorer.

Spalding, MD; Brumbaugh RD; and Landis, E (2016). Atlas of Ocean Wealth. The Nature Conservancy. Arlington, VA.
© 2016 The Nature Conservancy, All rights reserved. ISBN-13: 978-0-9977069-1-8

Link to online map and data on mangrove restoration.

Link to the geospatial data repository.

OpenDRI repository for the Pacific Region providing premier risk-related geospatial data sets.

Pacific Vision is for a region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion, and prosperity, so that all Pacific people can lead free, healthy, and productive lives.