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The direct link to the Micronesia Challenge website.

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A direct internet link to the NOAA Coral Reef Watch website

A scientific paper published in Marine Geology, that gives a detailed description of the global geomorphic features map

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direct internet link into Seamount information on the Blue Habitat portal

direct link to all the latest articles and news on birds from the Pacific region

Direct internet link to the AquaMaps Online Portal.

Direct link to multilateral environmental agreements information on the InforMEA portal related to the Pacific region.

A series of free online courses related to different environmental thematic areas:
1. Biological Diversity
2. Chemicals and Waste
3. Climate, Atmosphere and Land
4. International Environmental Governance
5. Oceans and Freshwater

Users can freely participate on any course and receive certificates upon completion of each course syllabus.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the InforMEA platform.

End of SPREP internship presentation, July 2015. Sections: climate finance challenges, overview of climate finance in the Pacific, and next steps.

The overall impact that the NSDS seeks to make is captured in the people’s vision for development and is stated as:
"A future where individual, community, business and government partnerships contribute to a sustainable quality of life for all Nauruans"

This report was prepared by Nauru’s National Committee on Climate Change with the assistance of the Energy Unit of the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), and approved by the Government of the Republic of Nauru.

The NIISP provides an investment plan based on the current condition and capacity of existing infrastructure assets, the need for services in Nauru

Nauru is a small country of around 10,200 people located on a single island in the Pacifi c Ocean. Per capita gross domestic product was estimated to be A$11,540 (approximately $10,500) in 2012 (Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacifi c 2013).1 The country is divided into 14 districts with the seat of government in the Yaren district, which also functions as the country’s de facto capital. T