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The Protected Areas Working Group (PAWG) of the Pacific Islands Round Table for Nature Conservation recommended a forum to better connect a diverse range of people and their work relating to protected and conserved areas. To increase efficacy with respect to gaining momentum with communications and conservation work, the Pacific Islands Protected Area Portal (PIPAP) was launched.

Documentation for the SPREP Inform project - please refer to this site for all latest documents on the Data Portal and Indicator Reporting Tool.

PowerPoint presentation on the Inform project.

PowerPoint presentation on the building blocks and features of the environment data portals.

PowerPoint presentation with tips on good practices, when uploading data to the environment data portals.

Link to online map viewer to search by geographic location, invasive species or eradication detail.
You can export and download your search results as a csv table or high resolution map.

Link to the online MGCP Topographic Dataset - free download

Online open access to the full research contents

Link to the GEOSS Portal online map-based user interface.

The GOA-ON Data Explorer provides access and visualization to ocean acidification data and data synthesis products being collected around the world from a wide range of sources, including moorings, research cruises, and fixed time series stations. Layers contain contoured world-wide data; Platforms include icons for various observing assets, some of which display real-time data and many of which include links to data and metadata.

Direct link to the PacificMap tool on the Pacific Data Hub.

Link to the online map viewer of the UN Biodiversity Lab.

Marine Managed Areas - MPA Mapping
To maintain long-term ocean health, we need marine managed areas to ensure that special places and life forms are available for future generations. This interactive mapping application provides detailed information on over 7,000 managed saltwater and coastal areas worldwide.

Managed areas in the High Seas help maintain long-term ocean health by protecting important habitats and the marine organisms that depend on them. This interactive map provides detailed information on different types protected areas beyond national jurisdiction, including treaty areas, regulated management and protected areas, and unregulated areas in need of protection.

ProtectedSeas map gallery on ArcGIS Online.

Link to the Mapping Ocean Wealth Explorer.

Link to online map and data on mangrove restoration.