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In 2015 a BIORAP was conducted in Nauru through the Department of Commerce Industry and Evironment by SPREP and other partners. The purpose of the Nauru BIORAP was to improve the state of knowledge of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, to provide a scientific basis for the conservation and management of nationally, regionally and globally important ecosystems and species. A particular focus was to identify areas of conservation value and to investigate opportunities for establishing marine and terrestrial protected areas.

 Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment

This report fulfills Nauru's 5th reporting requirement to the Convention on Biological Diversity which is also Nauru's first national report to be submitted to the convention. In this regard, the report attempts to provide a comprehensive assessment of the status and trends of our island’s biodiversity and threats to its survival and viability, and it also provides an account of actions that have been implemented to protect and conserve Nauru's biodiversity.

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

The Helping Islands Adapt workshop was held in Auckland, New Zealand between the 11th and 16th of April 2010 to support regional action against invasive species on islands, in order to preserve biodiversity and adapt to climate change. It arose from decisions under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) relating to invasive alien species and island biodiversity.

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Guidelines, brochures, Indicators and published work on the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity which is an international treaty governing the movements of living modified organisms (LMOs) resulting from modern biotechnology from one country to another.

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