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 Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment

This policy provides a framework for Government leadership and coordinated and integrated action in the supply of safe, adequate as well as technically and environmentally sustainable water services and the promotion of appropriate sanitation services and hygiene practices to the people of the Republic of Nauru. It also provides direction for the protection, conservation, sustainable use and efficient management of Nauru’s water resources.

 Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment

Nauru faces many economic and environmental challenges. In the 1970s the country experienced an economic boom due to phosphate mining, however, because of mismanagement of the revenue, the country currently has limited financial resources to undertake many of its development programmes including environmentally sound waste management. In the face of a range of environmental, social and economic threats from poor waste management and pollution, and in the context of the limited resources, this National Solid Waste Management Strategy is developed as a matter of priority.

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

The Strandings of Oceania database is a collaborative project between SPREP, WildMe and the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium to record stranding and beachcast data for whales, dolphins and dugongs throughout the Pacific. We use a platform called Flukebook. An account is needed to view or use data within Flukebook but the data is available for download here. You can submit data direct into Flukebook (preferably while logged in) or send a completed data form to SPREP for upload. Guidance on using the database is available :