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08 June 2021 | dataset

Nauru Solid Waste Management Strategy 2011 - 2020

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The Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment has oversight and responsibility over issues concerning the environment, climate change, and commerce.


Nauru faces many economic and environmental challenges. In the 1970s the country experienced an economic boom due to phosphate mining, however, because of mismanagement of the revenue, the country currently has limited financial resources to undertake many of its development programmes including environmentally sound waste management. In the face of a range of environmental, social and economic threats from poor waste management and pollution, and in the context of the limited resources, this National Solid Waste Management Strategy is developed as a matter of priority.

The proposed way forward is based on an analysis of the existing situation and was developed using a participatory and consultative approach through workshops held in November 2008 and October 2010.

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Publisher Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment
Modified 08 June 2021
Release Date 08 June 2021
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